Marco Polo

by Racemates

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The debut single from our forthcoming album. We hope you like it!


If you sail around the earth,
Roaming for rebirth,
Your maps, they’ll collapse,
Strand you wandering round for laps.

And they’ll cross you at the crossroads,
Hang you from the clouds,
They’ll twist our thoughts to fists,
But you play with words like fire in mist.

Out of sight, but never out of mind,
Out of time, time I can’t rewind,
Into the frame, I follow your call,
Into your open arms I fall.

And a second start is what I need,
An open heart cannot bleed,
You paint the pain, the watercolour cries,
As you summarize the sunrise.

Up on the rooftops we went,
Everything I said, I meant,
But they bend the truth across the waves,
So you bend the light onto the staves.

Out of sight, but never out of mind,
Out of time, time I can’t rewind,
You’ll make the mark, oh polarize light,
Lift off this blindfold, return my eyes.

[Far away is far enough,
Fire away we’ll call your bluff,
I’ll send you off my love,
You’ll make the mark, mark my words.]

Temptation tries to spin my wheel,
But you’re turning my fortune, your word is my keel,
Steering me away, back to the Bay.

You draw the colours I’d never seen,
You shoot the stars, and I’ll shoot the screen,
To capture this moment in my memory,
So we lift off where we left off.
You’ll make the mark, mark my words.
You’ll make the mark, mark my words.


released 28 October 2013
Music and lyrics by: Elizabeth Onstwedder, Maryann Verghese, Spencer Woody, and Julian Xie
Recording, mixing, and mastering: Eli Cole, Julian Jacobson, Laura Valk, Julian Xie
Artwork: Shaina Gong and AJ Reyes



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Racemates Durham, North Carolina

Adhar Maheshwari, Ruici Ong, Elizabeth Onstwedder, and Julian Xie. Puns in four part harmony and some guitar/piano/bass. We appreciate you who take the time to listen to our honest attempt at something that matters to us!

[Racemates formerly featured Maryann Verghese, Spencer Woody]
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